The Mentoring Program

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Mentoring – The Continual Connection™ creates the opportunity to carry out our greater life impact as we equip, encourage and mutually sharpen one another towards personal and professional growth through a professional 6 session mentoring curriculum.


We foster an atmosphere of trust, where mentors and the mentees can discuss questions, concerns or victories, on a personal level. 

As a Mentor You Can: 

  • Be prepared and encouraged by professional coaches and the BLM Action Team as we orient and train you on best practices for the 6 session curriculum;
  • Accept the challenges and rewards of mentoring and experience the strong satisfaction of sharing your expertise with others.
  • Gain insights from the mentee that can be used in your own professional and personal development. 

As a Mentee You Can: 

  • Receive critical feedback in key areas, such as interpersonal relationships, communications, goal planning, and leadership skills.
  • Develop a sharper focus and greater self-confidence in your own judgment and a willingness to embrace challenges and opportunities.

How can YOU be involved with Mentoring – The Continual Connection™?

For a description of the 6 session curriculum and/or to apply to The B L Mentoring Program as either a mentor/mentee or sponsor, email